About Us

Cargobikefans.bike is a independent project created by Arne Bertelsen and backed by Wellington Almeida, 2 bike fans and enthusiasts of the cargo bike culture. The project is dedicated to fans and users of cargo bikes all around the world, putting together interesting informations, curiosities, videos, photos and events related to their passion.

Arne Bertelsen

Arne is a business man in the IT industry, based in Barcelona and adept to green solutions for the modern world. Natural from Denmark, Arne follows and collaborate with the cargo bike communities in Barcelona, Berlin and Amsterdam as well as he incentives the world wide propaganda and adoption of the cargo bike culture.

Contact: arne@cargobikefans.bike

Wellington Almeida

Wellington is a computer developer, graphic designer and music producer, based in Barcelona and living a green life using alternative ways of transport, following the vegan culture and with the target of having his own Cargo Bike DJ Booth. Natural from Brazil, Wellington collaborates with the cargo bike communities generating end editing content for cargobikefans.bike.

Contact: welly@cargobikefans.bike